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Residential Water Damage Restoration

You’ve had water damage in your house due to a burst pipe, a roof leak or a faulty washing machine. Except for outside flood water, you should know that most water damage is covered by your home owner’s insurance. Regardless of how water damage happened, it is important for you to take steps to remedy it quickly. Prompt drying minimizes damage, reduces repair costs, and prevents mold growth. Never ignore an obvious water problem in your home.

Preventing Further Water Damage

You should immediately attempt to find and stop leaks at their source. Once the leak is stopped, even if only temporarily, quickly assess the damage. Even if the water appears to only be on hard surfaces such as vinyl or tile, it may have gotten under trim and into wall cavities. If the water is in materials such as carpeting, wood floors, insulation, and under cabinets, you should call a professional. All South Restoration is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Dangers of Leaving Water Damage un-Restored

Many times, water damage is more extensive that it may appear to be. Our trained technicians with professional grade moisture detection equipment are best equipped to assess your damage. When water is trapped under flooring, inside walls, or behind cabinets, it must be removed by a professional. Left unaddressed, it will likely create more damage, and possibly become a dangerous mold problem.

Water Damage Drying & Restoring Process

Standing water must be extracted. Water damaged flooring, baseboards, drywall, and insulation often need to be removed to expose underlying subfloors and wall cavities. Powerful drying fans and industrial grade dehumidifiers will be needed to remove moisture from the surfaces and the air. Structural drying is a process, not a one-time service. With severe damage, drying times of 3 to 4 days are not uncommon. The professionals at All South Restoration will return regularly to monitor and document the drying progress, adjust equipment and ensure that your home is drying properly.

Atlanta’s Residential Water Damage Restoration Company

Your insurance company appreciates it when you hire professionals. Certified firms such as All South Restoration, use industry standard practices, computerized estimating and billing systems and approved price lists.

Atlanta Water Damage Restoration Information

Insurance Definition of Water Damage

Insurance companies are particular about how water damage is assessed and addressed. Take a look to see how your insurance company will react to the water damage on your property and how it will impact your insurance claim process.

Our Process for Your Water Damage Restoration

We have a simple process in place to ensure that your water damaged property gets restored as quickly and efficiently as possible while giving you the peace of mind you should expect when working with an expert restoration company in Atlanta!

Typical Causes of Water Damage

We've put together a list of the most common causes of water damage in Atlanta. You can use this list to help assess your water damage or to prevent future water damage through preventative maintenance.

Water Categories & Classes

We make understanding the categories and classes of water a lot easier. That way you are equipped and informed when dealing with your insurance company.

Water Damage Safety & Tips

We've put together a list of common safety issues that arise when dealing with water damage in your property. You can use this checklist to ensure a safe and swift restoration process!

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