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Residential Mold Remediation

Do you think you have mold is because you can either see it, smell a musty odor, feel a high humidity in your home, or have become sick at your home or a combination of these? These are the most common situations we hear when a homeowner calls us about mold.

The first step is to determine the source of moisture and stop it. Water is the cause, mold is the symptom. If you only remove the mold, but do not address the moisture problem, the mold will simply return. Mold can only grow when given moisture, an adequate food source, and time.

All South Restoration is your premier and trusted Mold Remediation provider in the entire metro Atlanta area and the surrounding communities. We have the experience to safely and efficiently remove all the mold damage from your home and buildings. Our company has full hazmat suits, room barriers, equipment, and leading industrial supplies that will remove your harmful, unhealthy, and unwanted mold. We are trusted by Dale Cardwell from trustdale.com as a company he recommends to remediate mold. Also, a study done by EBSCO Research and HomeReports.com found us to be a top mold remediation company in the Metro Atlanta Area. Our goal is to provide you the very best in mold damage remediation, and our quality control standards are very high. We use the latest technology and very best equipment to efficiently and effectively remediate and repair all of your mold problems.

Atlanta Mold Remediation Information

Our Process for Your Mold Damage Restoration

We have a simple process in place to ensure that your mold damaged property gets restored as quickly and efficiently as possible while giving you the peace of mind you should expect when working with an expert restoration company in Atlanta!

Protection Levels for Mold Infestation

It's good to know what level of mold infestation you're dealing with before you start speaking with remediation experts. We want you to have the best mold classification information available to you on demand!

The Process of Mold Remediation

In simple cases where the mold damage is less than 10 square feet, trained remediation technicians are qualified to determine the best removal practice and perform the work.

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